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Bumble Boutique/ BEE Maternal

High end kids clothes and Designer baby accessories abound. For a fancy dress for Easter or luxury baby bottles look no further. 

Walking into Bumble Boutique and BEE Maternal today I had no idea what to expect. I was soon greeted by the charming staff when I walked through the store and asked what size i was looking for. Being a guy they probably thought I was lost. At that point I realised though there would be no Honey Combs but I was surrounded by upscale kids clothes and accessories.

Having a 6 year old girl I gravitated to the dresses. She can always use a nice church fancy dress. Their size varied from infant up to 16 with prices from $20 to $80. Looking on another wall were hair bows, bibs and other accessories. Personally its more than I typically would spend on a kids outfit but it wasnt unreasonable.

Was browsing the bow section and I saw a white bow with several ribbons hanging from it braided together I thought it was a pony tail extender at first. Nope it had an elastic band on it designed to hang from a doorknob, hook or coat hanger allowing clipping the hair barrettes on them. $23 bucks and it was in my bag.

As a guy I avoided the maternity section. Head over to 4840 Forest Drive and check it out yourself but I wouldn't know what to tell you anyways.

I did see a nice collection of diaper bag though. Brown smooth leather bags that looked more like a briefcase that a bib, wipe and pacifier holder. Weighing in at about $170 if you want to class up your afternoon strolls definitely check it out. For the 3 men still reading they had some guy models there.

They have a frequent shopper program a well. They keep a card at their store and record what you spend. Spend enough get free stuff. Easy enough. Also they do free gift wrapping hand tied with fancy tissue paper and ribbons.

I walked out with my present for my daughter still hungry for honey but having found a great mid to high end kids store. Next time your looking for a "fancy dress" or looking for a shower gift drop by and give Bumble Boutique a look see.

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