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Talking about Rosewood with Jenna Stephens

Earlier this year I moved to Rosewood and have since fell in love with the community. So looking to find out more about my new home and learn about its coming and going I gave Jenna Stephens, president of the Rosewood Community Council, a call.

We meet at Rosewood Park where there are big things planned. In a joint project between the state, city and SCE&G they are installing new benches, playground equipment, and resurfacing the basketball court. I was impressed that the tax payer is footing only a small amount for the paving of the parking lot and construction of the rain garden which will take advantage of the rainwater runoff.

I was also impressed with the new lighting scheme that was being installed in the park. The old style boxy lights only shined straight below them leaving large portions of the walking path dark. The new style lights will shine over a much larger area illuminating the entire path improving the safety of the park at night.

Valencia Park is getting new benches, playground equipment and a shelter as well. I asked Jenna if she was happy with the outcome. Her response was, “Very Happy.”

Next I asked Mrs. Stephens about public safety in Rosewood. “Crime is cyclic” she offered. To keep crime to a minimum the Rosewood Community Council is coordinating with Capt. Sharpe of the City of Columbia south region to form community watch groups. They had a recent Community meeting where the subject was public safety and offered this handoutbut Jenna insists that “Neighbors knowing each other” is the key to keeping down crime. She cites a recent example of a neighbor seeing a house being burglarized in the Edisto Court Neighborhood. The citizen called the crime in and Columbia Police responded. “They caught him red-handed in the garage with the TV.”

Jenna drew my attention to the just announced All Local Farmers Markets plans to build a 65,000 square foot expansion next to City Roots. The face book pages lists this “Soda City” as providing “Agriculture, Artisans and Athletics” to the Rosewood Community.

We also talk about Owens Field park where they are creating nature trails and correcting storm water drainage issues. In conjunction with this an effort is being made to ID native trees and other points of interest and remove invasive species from the nature trail. This is in addition to the plans torestore the Curtiss-Wright hangar at Owens field and convert it to a restaurant and event locations built around the B-25 Mitchell bomber “Skunkie”.

With all that is going on in Rosewood it’s easy to lose track of it so a community calender is provided. Rosewood Community Council holds quarterly meetings every 3rd Thursday of the month. You can also track Rosewood Community Council at its website and newsletter, Facebook page and through Twitter.

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