Is Heritage Trying to Tone Down Demint?
Friday, January 11, 2013 at 12:48PM
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Jim Demint - From Heritage FoundationThe Heritage Foundation had posted a snippet from a Washington Post OpEd piece by Jim Demint. Reading it I was excited at what was depicted as a constructive argument on how to sell the positives of Conservative thinking. Then I clicked the full version.

The Heritage Foundation Full summary is HERE.

We must take our case to the people ourselves, and we must start where all good marketing starts: with research. Conservative policies have proved their worth time and time again. If we’re not communicating in a way that makes that clear, we are doing a disservice to our fellow citizens. We need to test the market and our message to communicate more effectively. - Jim Demint via the Heritage Foundation

In the Full version on The Washington Post it reads a little different.

Some Clinton bashing.

"This is how the foundation helped pioneer welfare reform. A Heritage scholar was a primary architect of the 1996 welfare law that President Bill Clinton was eventually forced to sign after vetoing it twice — a law that later, ironically, became a hallmark of his presidency."

DeMint weighing in on the Do Nothing Senate

"The U.S. Senate reached an all-time low — a hard mark to achieve — last week as I said my goodbyes to rejoin the real world. The “fiscal cliff” theatrics ended with a predictable non-solution that raised taxes on all U.S. workers and added more weight to the millstone the federal government has hung around our necks." - Links are from WaPo

Obama comes into the crossfire

"Unfortunately, welfare reform and missile defense have something in common beyond Heritage’s intellectual paternity. They both have been gutted by President Obama. Always faint-hearted about missile defense, the president in his first year dismantled our programs in Poland and the Czech Republic. He disabled welfare reform last year, when he took away the work requirements that were at the heart of that law’s success." - Links From WaPo

Demint sums it up with his own words best.

"One lesson I learned in marketing is that, for consumers and voters, perception is reality."

I believe in conservative principles. They ARE still relevant. This is not a good sign on marketing them to America. This just reads like smug partisan bashing.

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