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Feinstein Squanders Gun Legislation Momentum

Nice TurtleneckLately I haven't really agreed with much that the US House Republicans have said. In this case they get it though.


For example Senator Dianne Feinstein introduced a highly intrusive bill that has zero chance at passing. In it she proposes an over reaching assault weapon ban, national gun registration database, fingerprinting and $200 tax to register your weapon if its grand fathered.

What it does succeed in is scaring the crap out of moderates and the right.

Only by advocating a very limited approach can any gun legislation get passed. Gun owners don't want the government to know what they have. Many are concerned that the first step to confiscation is registration. Irresponsible news papers like The Journal News Publishing names and addresses of CWP holders aren't helping either.

Lets instead focus on very narrow legislation like the banning the sales of 10+ magazines and closing the gun show loophole for background checks. Overtime these have an actual chance at minimizing violence in a crazed shooter scenario.

Lets keep the personal crusades against guns out of this and get back to responsible legislation please.

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Reader Comments (3)

Yep, classic overreach. Although you and I disagree on the high-capacity magazine issue, I agree with the point of your post here. Sen. Feinstein is so far out of the mainstream on this idea, her bill is DOA in the house. Heck, I'll be surprised if it gets out of the Senate.

The only thing that has a chance is the background check..and maybe the 10 round mag limit. Maybe.

January 7, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterBryan Caskey

Public opinion is pretty high for background checks. Ive heard it polls around 80%.

Magazines restrictions are still pretty good.

Once you start banning specific models of guns you lose the public. Even the "scary" assault rifles only manage about 50% public support.

I think you can get the NRA on board with at least the background checks as well.

The NRA is right though. Its not all about gun law. There is a mental health aspect as well. Schools need to be more secure.

In the end though their will still be mass shootings no matter what happens. The key is to minimize them and the damage they cause.

January 8, 2013 | Registered CommenterColumbiaCents

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