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CPD Nabs Goofy Escapee Associate

Yea this is basically an excuse to post a goofy mug shot.

Moral of the story is don't cut off escapee handcuffs. Full story HERE


Goals for Teresa Wilson's First year

Our new City Manager. Photo from Fox Midlands ConnectLets face it. It got ugly at Columbia City Council on Tuesday.

The dissention over the appointment of Mayor Benjamin's ally Teresa Wilson spilled into the adoption of the salary. Mayor Benjamin felt the need to respond to a State Paper's article that the posting was changed to fit Ms. Wilson's resume. I know Councilman Plaugh felt blindsided by it and responded. This is what happens when you have to judge the future of people you are very close too.

This is all behind us now.

Rather than focus on the past appointment lets focus on the future. For the city manager to succeed they need guidance on just what council wants and finds most important.

I recommend that council give her measurable goals to all areas of city development. For example

  • Improving Water and Sewer maintenance backlog
  • Obtaining Federal and State Grants development grants
  • Improving city roads
  • Implementing the Chamber of Commerce recommendations on Initial Business Licensing
  • Continue to cut excess positions by allowing retiring positions to be eliminated where possible.

Teresa Wilson is qualified and more importantly she is the future of the city. Lets give her some goals and hope she continues in the tradition of Steve Gantt's as a great city manager.


Feinstein Squanders Gun Legislation Momentum

Nice TurtleneckLately I haven't really agreed with much that the US House Republicans have said. In this case they get it though.


For example Senator Dianne Feinstein introduced a highly intrusive bill that has

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Steve Benjamin Quietly Helps Neighbors at West Ave Apartments

I came upon a story on twitter about a woman whose heat was out in New Jersey.




It got me thinking. Why can't stuff like that happen here in Columbia? Mayor Booker is just using social media to answer community requests and respond to concerns. I want MY mayor

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Strong Mayor Returning to Columbia in 2013

From Free Times - Mayor Benjamin and Councilwoman DevineWith the offer of Teresa Wilson as the City of Columbia City Manager interest in Strong Mayor was revived last week.

ColumbiaCents has learned from multiple sources

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