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Few links from

Wanted to link a couple of good articles from

First was a good interview with Daniel Coble.

Brad has a few minutes with Moe Baddourah

Really enjoyed reading his work.


Fact Check - Maxcy Gregg Pool

Lately there has been alot of talk about Maxcy Gregg pool in the At Large Council elections.

Mr Bolchoz tweets

Let me get this straight – we have police cruisers in a horrible state of disrepair, and Columbia spends $1.7 million on a POOL?


How can we trust the City with more tax dollars for buses when money is being spent on pools over police?

I did some research on the pool project.

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Smelly Misery

So I'm stuck in a chair being circled on both sides by people I just cant understand. I hear strange names they call themselves like mango passion this and saw grass. I try to escape heading for the door. Instantly i get blinded with a blast of cucumber lemon.

I go to the sink to wash it off. Stick my head under the faucet only to see tiny drips hitting my forehead. Strange totems of soap surrounded the sinks like half used souls that animals have picked over.

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What will be columbia response to hunger?

Mayor Benjermin and the City Council recieved some startling news at the council meeting on March 14th the City Council. Columbia ranked Number 13 in the of major metropolitan area with 21.2% of people serving saying that they don't have enough money to buy needed food at times in the last 12 months. While to problem is evident the solution isn't as straight foward.

As a state SC ranked Number 5 in the nation. Hunger isnt just a problem in Columbia problem. Its just in line with the rest of the state. It also goes hand in hand with poverty. Programs like SNAP (Food Stamps) can address the need short term. They do not correct the underline causes namely unemployment, high housing costs, and low wages.

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Are TIFs the key to revitalizing North Columbia?

Monday there was a minor twitter skirmish between Robert Bolchoz and Cameron Runyan on the issue of TIFs. While this city finace tool has been used very effectively in many areas including the vista there is still no such thing as a free ride.

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