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Dano's Pizza - Dining Review

Pizza. America runs on it. Im sure wars have been fought for it. I never figured Id stumble into some of the best pizza around at a strip mall on rosewood. Danos Pizza is that place though.

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Robert Bolchoz recently on Pub Politics

Mr. Bolchoz, recently joined the duo at Pub Politics and in addition to covering how his name was pronounced got a chance to address a few issues.

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Rocky Branch Creek Cleanup

Updated on Sunday, March 11, 2012 at 8:54PM by Registered CommenterColumbiaCents

On my way home from night shift I dropped by the 5 points Starbucks. While waiting on the cheese danish I come across a sign for a clean up project for the Rocky Branch creek on March 14th 10am to 2pm.   It had no name, contact or anyway to identify the activist. There was no agenda except to rally people to clean up a patch of water that affects us all.

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Bumble Boutique/ BEE Maternal

High end kids clothes and Designer baby accessories abound. For a fancy dress for easter or luxury baby bottles look no further. 

Walking into Bumble Boutique and BEE Maternal today I had no idea what to expect. I was soon greeted by the charming staff when I walked through the store and asked what size i was looking for. Being a guy they probably thought I was lost. At that point I realised though there would be no Honey Combs but I was surrounded by upscale kids clothes and accessories.

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Resteraunt Review - Tombo Grill

Yesterday ColumbiaCents crack review team dropped in on the Tombo Grill. Farm Fresh ingrediants and a thriving bar scene highlight Tombo. If your just a family looking for cheap night out or are bothered by a small menu you might want to pass.

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