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Election Chairman Liz Crum Stepping Down Tommorow

Liz Crum is quitting her post as Chairman of the Election Board effective immediately.

I Dont have confidence in McBrides ability to manage the office

Frankly who does besides Sen. Jackson?

Crum's Resignation Story Round Up


The State

Fits News


Call to Action by the Free Times

Take Notice McBrideDan Cook had an excelent article on the continued inaction of the legislative delegation in holding those responsible for the Richland's election debacle.

Dan - As for Jackson, he’s made it clear that fixing the elections process in Richland County is not his guiding principle. In a Nov. 26 hearing, he repeatedly ran interference for McBride, shielding her from answering tough questions about the Nov. 6 meltdown. And in subsequent statements, he’s continued to downplay the severity of the problem.

 He adds

There is, of course, only one foolproof way to make sure constituents are being well served, and that is for voters to demand it — not just at the ballot box, but continuously through letters, phone calls, emails, attendance at meetings and posts on social media.

I've used a before for petition in my efforts against the Transportation Sales tax. I found a petition in Richland County calling for the resignation of Lillian McBride. This petition goes to Liz Crum Chairman of the Board of Elections.

Senator Darrell Jackson can be contacted HERE or on FACEBOOK (if anyone has a direct contact for Senator Jackson I'd love to update.)




Sustainable Midlands Claiming Wal Mart NOT moving into Assembly St.

Press Release from Sustainable Midlands

Walmart tells Sustainable Midlands "The file is closed on the proposed Assembly Street store." 

aspire flood

Bright Myers, the Atlanta developer holding the contract on the City of Columbia's Ball Park property and the adjoining SCANA property, failed to sign Walmart to a lease. We understand that Bright Myers is seeking an extension on the January 16th contract deadline and is actively pursueing an anchor tenant. 

We will continue to follow this development and pledge to the community that every effort will be made to insure the best possible outcome. 

We are also pleased to announce that we are  in discussions with the City of Columbia and Richland County to develop a  Master Plan for the South Assembly Street and neighborhood communities of Olympia, Granby and Whaley Street. Thanks to Seth Rose for his support of this effort! 

This past year Sustainable Midlands engaged thousands of members of our community and reached out to our local governments to encourage improvements in water quality, land use, local economy, solid waste reduction and energy efficiency.


Thanks to Joe Azar who Broadcast this in his Newsletter.


Moe Baddourah and EPA Updating Edisto Court

Moe Baddourah from City of COlumbia WebsiteCouncilman Moe Baddourah To Host EPA Update and Public Meeting

District III Councilman Moe Baddourah, in partnership with the Edisto Court Neighborhood Association, will host a public meeting on Thursday, December 20, 2012 at 3 p.m. at the Edisto Discovery Park and Neighborhood Center, located at 1914 Wiley St.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) officials and experts will be providing an update to the community regarding the recent work done in the Edisto Court community in the Rosewood area.
Since October 2012, EPA officials have been conducting clean-up measures in the Edisto Court neighborhood related to contamination found in the area earlier this year.

This is an open meeting and all are welcome to attend.


From the City Of Columbia Website.


Joe Azar's Take on TIFs

I wanted to share Joe Azar's latest newsletter he sent out about TIFs. I frequently turn to Joe when I need to run ideas and I want a conservative opinion on them. He also is a wealth of knowledge if you ever need to know anything about the city council's actions over the years.

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