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What's the Problem With North Columbia?

All too common image in ColumbiaLeaders in Columbia and Richland County have got to answer this if we want to succeed in breathing life into the North Side of the city.

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Twilight Is Your Momma Bird

Wow. Your chin is really pointy.

I'm a terrible person. Every time I see miserable pictures like this one I want to stab my eyes out. I see Kristen Stewart looking like they murdered a werepuppy in front of her and see a giant vulture dive bombing the last craptastic installments. The vulture then crews them up and vomits them into the mouths of waiting crowds everywhere.

The only solace I get is that maybe a lawn mower will get lose and run over the entire cast in the bonus features. Seriously. Leave only a Fargo Steve Buscemi like trail of Tweenage bait everywhere.


Columbia Chamber Unveils Business Licensing Reforms

Earlier this week The Columbia Chamber of Commerce released their recommendations for streamlining the business licensing process for Richland County and the City of Columbia. The joint Business Friendly Task Force produced a good jumping off point to make it easier for business to get up and running in a reasonable period of time.

Highlights include consolidating the City's and County's processes on some level, creating a better customer service system to give solutions to applicants, and overhauling the way the City handles water availability.

More to follow on this. Current agenda items to present the findings are December 4th at 2pm for Columbia City Council and November 29th at Richland's 5pm work session.



Cat Poop Coffee Takes Over Work

About a month ago work became obsessed with Civet Cat Coffee. A few of the supervisors at work decided to spring for a 4 ounce bag of this rare treat.

After stirring the entire department up for the last week or so they finally brewed up the batch. Shockingly the intestine processed coffee tastes like a dark roasted coffee.

So on behalf of the night shift from Jenkinsville, SC I'd like to congratulate the Islands of Indonesia. I recognise superior marketing skills and capitalism when I see it. You formed a brand that has Americans clamoring for their poop beans at $12 an ounce.

Well done.


Petition to Secede SC? Really?

Ran across this on the WIS website.

In the days following the 2012 General Election, citizens from several northern and southern states, including South Carolina, have openly petitioned the White House to secede from the United States.

In less than 48 hours, more than 9,000 people have signed two different petitions asking the Obama Administration to allow South Carolina to secede.

Ridiculous and irresponsible.

I can’t believe serious people can subscribe to the “take my marbles and go home” response to elections. Its time to work on our country and important matters such as debt and campaign finance reform. Not rehash an election that wasn’t even close.

You can be upset with the result but that effort would be much better spent in working on positive solutions rather than continuing to dwell on this one. To even suggest leaving the United States over this temparary setback is just pathetic. I couldn't imagine SC leaving the union over a relatively short term disagreement. There is always another election just around the corner.

So lets drop this petition garbage and move forward to something less Un-American.

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