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Supporting the Ashphalt Expansion in Rosewood

It may not be popular but its the right thing to do to support Associated Asphalt's expansion in Rosewood. Even if it is in my backyard. It may smell but it is jobs and revenue in a city that needs it.

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Why I support of Assembly Street Walmart

I admit it. I was initially against selling the stadium to Walmart. I really didn't care much about the Rocky Branch flooding issues. To me it was about the traffic issues and the effect it would have on small business in Rosewood.

I've come around though. No small part was due to an excellent article written by Kevin Fisher in the Free Times.

The flooding issues I think can be handled through engineering. In the end a private business will be responsible to protect their investment. While it was great to have the idea of a green space you have to have businesses somewhere. The city has enough parks. We need revenue generators.

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TIF Update 6-12-12

Last week Councilwoman Tameika Isaac Devine lead a tour of the Bull Street and Innovista TIFs. She showed city and county leaders these run down neighborhoods that the city wants to fix.

Eva Moore of the Free Times had a good write up of the tour.

I've contacted Council

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Tidbits from 6/5/12 Work Meeting

Dropped by Columbia's City Council's work meeting yesterday. After enduring through the presentation on benefits for the city that covered a few noteworthy items.

The City Center Partnership gave a presentation on the progress they have made in the Main Street Area. Apparently the Tapp's Art Center is now completely leased. Tapp's provides artists with studio space to create, display and sell their art. The yellow shirts that you see on Main Street are officially titled the Yellow Shirt Ambassadors.

The highlight of the day I thought was the presentation by the Central South Carolina Alliance. The is an economic development group that attracts development to its member city and county organizations in the heart of the state. I'm going to do a full story about the great work they are doing promoting the midlands.

There was a pretty significant debate on creating a permanent line item to pay for police for USC home games. The City of Columbia requires USC to set up police for traffic control and public safety for USC games. In the past USC has had to submit an request for Hospitality Tax funds to the Hospitality Committee to pay for this expense. Council voted today to bypass the committee for this one expense.

Councilman Elect Baddourah disagreed with bypassing the committee. Council agreed that they need better guidelines on what it takes to get a permanent line item for H Tax funds and will develop a policy for this. The city is requiring USC to staff these intersection so it was a unique situation.

Winter homeless shelter is in serious need for reform. What was once intended to be an emergency supplement for beds is now being abused. People are checking in on November 1st and just staying there till the end of April when the shelter closes. Its costing the city over a million a year to operate these and neither Richland or Lexington county are contributing anything to this. I've heard whispers that other counties were just dumping the homeless in Columbia's lap for years. Looks like there is some truth to that.


Consolidation of City and County Services

Tuesday night the City of Columbia voted to extend the Combined Fire Service agreement with Richland County. The agreement had been in place since 1990 and had expired in 2010.

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