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SC Moderate Asking for Action on Gun Control

The President today asked Congress to consider gun control legislation (good summary is HERE). In doing so he drew upon his encounter with the father of one of the Newtown shooting victims. He gave the President a painting which he refered to in the message.

President After Newtown Address - From


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Feinstein Squanders Gun Legislation Momentum

Nice TurtleneckLately I haven't really agreed with much that the US House Republicans have said. In this case they get it though.


For example Senator Dianne Feinstein introduced a highly intrusive bill that has

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My Basis for High Capacity Magazine Restrictions

100 round magazine for AR 15 -Retails for $179Recently I responded to a thread on Permanent Press, a blog by Brian Caskey. He brought up some good points on gun control. The full thread is located HERE.

Here was my response in FAVOR of restrictions

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