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SC Moderate Asking for Action on Gun Control

The President today asked Congress to consider gun control legislation (good summary is HERE). In doing so he drew upon his encounter with the father of one of the Newtown shooting victims. He gave the President a painting which he refered to in the message.

President After Newtown Address - From


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SC Offering Veteran Stamp for Drivers Licenses

Updated on Tuesday, September 11, 2012 at 9:47PM by Registered CommenterColumbiaCents

The late Stephen Covey speaking in the USS Santa Fe's Crews Mess. Not pictured - me.SC announced Friday that veterans can now apply for a SC Drivers License with the word "VETERAN" on the license. To get the new driver's license you are going to need your DD- 214 and will cost you $1.

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Voter ID Laws Sham Protection at Best, Jim Crow Disenfranchisement at Worse.

Voter ID laws on the surface make sense, but if you peel back the layers you find almost no evidence of actual voter fraud. You will find people that have been voting legally for decades potentially turned away. This is especially disturbing giving light of the rampant government sponsored Jim Crow era disenfranchisement that has taken place in the not so distant past.

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Bravo to Gov. Haley For Pushing to Share Health Insurance Premium Increases

To the chagrin of SC House and Senate leaders Governor Haley swayed the Budget and Control Commission to share the cost of insurance increases between the State and employees.

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Governor Haley Eliminates Funding for the Arts Commision


Governor Haley has issued her vetoes to the state budget eliminating state funding to the Arts Commission: $1,937,598 with Veto #1, and the additional one-time funding of $500,000 for grants in Veto #21, funding that was approved in the balanced budget submitted by the General Assembly in June.


Until the vetoes are resolved, the Governor's veto puts the Arts Commission in limbo with NO authorization to expend ANY funds, including federal monies from the National Endowment for the Arts, therefore leaving the agency unable to operate.

Full Article from the SC Arts Alliance is HERE.



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